Bespoke Solutions

Crypto Management Tailored for You

We understand that institutional investors have very specific individual needs, to which we want to cater with our bespoke solutions. Our bespoke solutions leverage the same proprietary infrastructure, as our technology solutions.

Institutional grade.
Cross-asset. AI-driven.

Asset Management / NECTAR

To consistently achieve superior returns in crypto, it is often necessary to integrate an active management of your capital. This is why we have developed NECTARAM – our flagship investment management solution.

Bespoke Solutions

Leveraging our infrastructure and AI models, we have developed a set of highly sophisticated systematic investment strategies. These strategies are anchored around three core return clusters: “value” , “momentum” and “carry”.

What makes our approach is unique is that each strategy or return cluster can be carved out and combined. This means we give every institution the flexibility to adjust our approach to their desired needs. Whether its fine-tuning to align with specific risk appetites, return expectations, or desired volatility profiles, we’re equipped to sculpt strategies tailored to your distinct prerequisites.

All of our strategies are live, tested, curated and managed by seasoned hedge fund professionals.

White Labeling

Constructing an institutional-grade investment strategy for cryptocurrencies from inception is an intricate process, requiring considerable time and substantial financial commitment.

Bespoke Solutions

Whitelabeling, as facilitated by Newbridge, offers financial institutions an expedited, cost-efficient, and established pathway to create their desired investment product.

Our whitelabeling services grant you comprehensive access to Newbridge’s repertoire of time-tested investment strategies and indices. Beyond that, we provide the latitude to pioneer innovative strategies or methodologies tailored to investment product design.

Accelerate your entry into the cryptocurrency domain — achieve more efficient, economical, and superior outcomes with Newbridge as your strategic partner.

Whether the objective is to structure a passive investment product like an ETP or to integrate a crypto strategy into your existing portfolio, our seasoned investment professionals stand poised to assist in sculpting a solution precisely aligned with your institutional requirements and client objectives.

Treasury Management & Advisory

Managing a crypto foundation’s treasury is a nuanced task that calls for a blend of traditional financial expertise and a deep grasp of the crypto landscape. Our team has a proven track record in both arenas, having managed institutional assets in both traditional finance and the crypto sector.

Bespoke Solutions

Every foundation or DAO has its own set of needs and goals. That’s why off-the-shelf solutions just don’t cut it. Using our state-of-the-art infrastructure along with our AI-driven models, we’re prepared to offer a customized treasury management solution that bridges the world of traditional finance with crypto.

But treasury management extends beyond mere fiscal supervision. It encompasses robust governance, diligent risk management, and the astute navigation of legal challenges. By collaborating with us, you gain an all-encompassing solution. Together with our esteemed partners, we deliver counsel on treasury dynamics, governance protocols, and legal stipulations, solidifying our role as your dependable ally in the crypto sphere.

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