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As a foundation, your primary objective is to maintain and optimize business continuity, enabling your employees to focus on further developing your project. Typically, the responsibility of managing the treasury falls on the CFO and founders. Even though you excel in managing the treasury, you aspire to elevate your treasury management to minimize risk, maximize return, and implement appropriate governance to manage your cross-asset treasury.

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We offer a hybrid solution tailored to your needs. You gain access to our team of investment professionals and crypto researchers who provide the support you require. This ranges from acting as trusted advisors who understand traditional finance while being crypto-native, to helping build your governance and actively advising on the management of your treasury. Our experts and you are supported by our AI-driven tools, which streamline and improve processes throughout the treasury management lifecycle.

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Validate complex investment strategies using our highly potent simulation and backtesting environment.


Our approach is based on a hybrid communication model: you can choose to use only our AI-driven platform or also gain access to our team of investment professionals and crypto researchers.

Fast Time to Market

Develop new crypto investment strategies in remarkably short time frame, thanks to our easy to use platform and support from our quant team.


 Decompose the risk and performance of newly developed investment strategies

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