Supporting you along the whole investment lifecycle into crypto

The Wealthlab is much more than an analytics tool. It is your gateway to see crypto through our unique cross-asset lense and gives you the ability to integrate individualized crypto exposure into cross-asset portfolios, monitor and analyse their performance in real-time and get access to our AI-driven modules to improve your performance.

NewBridge Risk Metrics


Build, analyse, improve.

Build crypto-only or cross-asset portfolios to then and receive deep performance and risk analytics of your portfolio to unearth insights and performance drivers that have not been visible before

Access our portfolio simulater, to see the effect of adding an crypto asset to your portfolio. Available assets range single tokens, multiple tokens, external investment products (funds, ETFs etc.) and our proprietary investment strategies and indices.

We empower you to show your clients how exactly the addition of a crypto asset can influence their whole portfolio from a performance and risk perspective.

Newbridge Client Portfolios


Bespoke, better, institutional.

Use the Newbridge Optimisation engine to optimize your clients crypto exposure, while giving you the ability to satisfy a wide range of investment management constraints

Receive individualized suggestions for each client that are based on his portfolio and any constraints that you have defined

The optimization engine works for portfolios without crypto, with crypto and crypto only – for you to offer your advisory services to a large client segment

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Scaleable, precise, trustworthy.

Our mandate tool, lets you manage crypto mandates at scale, while giving your clients individualized suggestions

Define risk metrics and levels and get notified if the risk in any of your mandates changes

Receive weekly reports on each mandate and have the ability to create custom live reports whenever you want

Create individualized reports on each mandate to prepare for client discussions.

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Take your crypto offering to the next level.

We empower you to give your clients better advise, more personalized suggestions and the crypto exposure that actually fits their needs and expectations. Through our cross-asset approach to crypto our solution fits seamlessly into your other offerings.


Gain access to highest quality data in crypto. We do not just deliver data, we validate it. We focus on steadily extending our data capabilities.


Exchange ideas and use our team of investment professionals as sparing partners or a source of knowledge, when it comes to investing in crypto.


Constantly discover fresh trade ideas through innovative investment signals, overlooked trading patterns, and our proprietary actionable insights.


Decompose portfolio risk and return to understand performance and risk over time through interactive visualizations.


Access to industry leading expertise and technology capabilities without having to actually own them


All of our infrastructure, analytics and models are crypto centric, but built around cross-asset integration, offering a unique cross-asset lense for crypto.

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