Your Cutting-Edge Advantage in Crypto Trading

The Tradelab offers you a set of systematic investment modules that empower institutional traders the tools necessary to keep their edge in trading crypto. Access to a unified testing environment to develop, test and monitor institutional investment strategies and test trade ideas.

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Create, test, and monitoring.

Create, test, and monitor new trading strategies in unified environment, granting you access to the highest quality data in crypto. Through the addition of niche data sets design new strategies or indicators to create alpha, which others can not.

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Build, analyse, explore.

Test any new trading strategy before launching it, ensuring alignment with your goals and risk tolerance. Dui leo vitae pharetra at et at sem aliquam. Proin ut gravida scelerisque sapien dolor at adipiscing nullam commodo. Sit diam justo orci aliquet fermentum in laoreet.

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Scaleable, precise, trustworthy.

Use our metrics and indicators to unearth new trade ideas or just analyse analyse the current state of the market. Or set up your own intelligent market screeners to explore new opportunities across both Cefi (Centralised Finance) & Defi (Decentralised Finance).

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Level Up Your Trading Game with Trade Lab

Harness the power of TradeLab, our state-of-the-art technology solution designed to give crypto traders the edge they need


Gain access to highest quality data in crypto. We do not just deliver data, we validate it. We focus on steadily extending our data capabilities.


Exchange ideas and use our team of investment professionals as sparing partners or a source of knowledge, when it comes to investing in crypto.


Constantly discover fresh trade ideas through innovative investment signals, overlooked trading patterns, and our proprietary actionable insights.


Benefit from our sophisticated, institutional-grade strategies, curated and managed by seasoned hedge fund professionals.


We focus on visualization of data to making it more digestable or better understandable. Create fact sheet like reports for any strategies or portfolios you created to share with clients or your team.


Screen the market for trading patterns or analyse a portfolio to understand the performance and risk levels of the portfolio


You choose how you want to communicate – choose a digital approach and only interact with the platform or have conversations with our team of quants.


Access our benchmarks covering all major strategy categories and see how your ideas hold up against your peers.

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