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As a family office, your goal is to grow and protect your portfolio over time. You may already invest in crypto or have been looking to allocate some capital towards this new emerging asset class. You are looking for tools to support your investment and allocation process towards crypto. You need a partner to support along the investment journey into crypto – as you need an investment strategy that fits your goals of long-term capital appreciation, while mitigating drawdowns.

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We provide a fully modular solution, where you decide which level of support is right for you.

Newbridge’s platform provides you with a set of AI-driven tools that support along the whole investment lifecycle of crypto. With the platform we enable you to actively manage your allocation to crypto, while always being aware of the underlying risk compared to the rest of your portfolio. As our data and analytics infrastructure is set up to support all major asset classes, you will be able to see crypto through a cross-asset lense, making this solution seamlessly fit into the rest of your portfolio management.

If you prefer a more actively managed solution through our bespoke solutions you get access to our set of active investment strategies, which are live, battle tested and deployed. Our team of investment professionals can also create bespoke strategies to fit your individual needs.

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Build up, monitor and manage your crypto exposure through one comprehensible platform.

End-to-End Lifecycle Support

Our approach is based on a hybrid communication model: you can choose to use only our AI-driven platform or also gain access to our team of investment professionals and crypto researchers.

Low Cost to Income

Gain access to our team of industry experts and our technology stack without the need to build or own it, thereby reducing costs.


Through our bespoke solutions, we can adapt our strategies according to your needs and risk appetite, so that you get the crypto exposure that fits your portfolio.

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